The college president is found dead in his office after a turbulent board meeting.

A Crooked College reflects life in a fictitious New Jersey community college, weaving together imaginative portrayals of crooked behaviors, chaos, and confusion while interspersing humor and empathy.

The overarching narrative provides descriptions of 1970s culture, creating a truly authentic and insightful depiction of higher education.

Was the president’s death from natural causes, an accident, suicide, or murder? If murder, who did it, and why? What unscrupulous actions and foul play by various faculty, staff, and trustees will be uncovered as motives?

Follow the sheriff as he completes his criminal investigation and pathological analyses. Then follow the coroner at the suspenseful inquest, where he calls witnesses to testify, unraveling crooked practices and arriving at the surprising truth to the president’s death.


545 pages

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