A Crooked College  1974 … 1975 … 1976 … 1977


The sudden death of a college president set forth in a nostalgic, amusing trip through the 1970’s, with an array of provocative and memorable characters guilty of crooked behaviors and a resulting criminal investigation and courtroom inquest.

         A Murder Mystery . . .
                    Focused on College Crookedness
                                 Placed in a Mid-70’s Context
                                             Ending in Courtroom Climax


Follow the Irish Ghosts as they provide insightful observations:


Book Excerpt:

“. . . there are two kinds of liars. There are the ones who adhere to the truth, veering off sides slightly. In their minds, they are still telling the truth, well most of it. They reveal the truth disingenuously. Then there’s the type who reinvent reality. These people form a made-up version that becomes so ingrained in their mind, that they are not actually lying. They manipulate the truth and re-rationalize their devious behavior. These are the most dangerous ones.”

Note: The college and all names and timeframes are fictitious. However, the behaviors and events are not!